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Migrants and Refugees for Black Lives! Down with White Supremacy, Fascism, & Imperialism!

We demand justice for Black communities here in the United States and amplify this call internationally.

The International Migrants Alliance-USA condemns the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Nina Pop, Tony McDade, and countless others who have been murdered during this global pandemic. We demand justice for Black communities here in the United States and amplify this call internationally. We see Floyd’s murder at the hands of a police officer as a continuation of the 400+ years of government-sanctioned violence against Black people which built and perpetuates US imperialism and monopoly capitalism. We are in solidarity with Black Power, Black Resistance, and Black Liberation with Black and African communities here and around the world.

As people now demand justice and an end to the systemic oppression of Black peoples, we see the retaliatory police violence as part of a larger system of violence perpetrated by the United States. Currently, in Minneapolis, Customs and Border Protection is using military drones to surveil demonstrators, the same drones used in the militarization of the Mexico-US border and the imperialist wars conducted by the US. As videos accumulate of police brutality, we acknowledge the history of The Department of Justice giving subsidies to domestic police forces for training in Israel, a country with a clear record of human rights abuses committed against Palestinians, Jewish People of Color, and African refugees. The armored vehicles, tear gas, and assault weapons currently being used in US cities are all products of this country’s military industrial complex—the for-profit imperialist war machine that forcibly displaces people across the world. There is no separating the US imperialist violence from this domestic violence; the same weapons are being wielded by the same White-supremacist, imperialist, and fascist forces. This is part of the ongoing looting of US Imperialism and the 1%.

As an alliance of organizations of grassroots migrants, refugees, and displaced peoples, we are in solidarity with Black and African migrants and their communities back home and understand that our struggles are intrinsically bound. The criminalization of migrants and inhumane conditions of detention centers is fundamentally linked to the oppression of domestic Black communities and the fight to free all incarcerated and in detention. We acknowledge there are overlapping forms of oppression against Black migrants within the white-supremacity that the US is built on.

This solidarity statement and these acknowledgements are not enough. IMA-USA is prepared to participate, coordinate, and organize to support Black Liberation and an end to the institutionalized racism and xenophobia that is intrinsic in US Imperialism’s goal to further concentrate wealth and dominate territories. We encourage participation in mass rallies and protests against the killing of Black people in the US, coordinated actions to dismantle rising fascism and targeted state-sanctioned violence around the world, and direct service to the communities that are most endangered at this time. While the Covid-19 pandemic endures and we encourage safety, we also acknowledge that the time to demand justice and organize for change is now! Let us intensify the struggle!

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