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Through the Border Solidarity Campaign, The International Migrants Alliance - IMA USA will learn directly from the individuals who are impacted by this exodus, share the concrete realities that migrants are facing, and shift the media narrative that criminalizes and scapegoats migrants.


IMA USA recognizes that this mass exodus and heightening repression of migrants is one of many that are occurring around the world - including the thousands refugees of Rohingya, the right to return of Palestinians, the forced migration of Filipinos, Africans, Puerto Ricans, and those displaced and forced to migrate due to economic and political repression, war, militarism, climate change, and natural disasters.


Border solidarity includes but is not limited to border towns, ports of entry, but wherever Border Agencies, Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement institutions employ harassment and terror on migrating peoples (airports and sea ports, ICE facilities, detention centers, etc).


IMA USA expresses solidarity with all forms of resistance that migrants take. We will respond strategically in order to uphold the rights of the people, and to stand in international solidarity with our migrant family.


We will demonstrate our community and concrete support at the border, including legal and other support in the asylum process, medical assistance, community defense, political action, and accompaniment by linking with allied organizations all along the path and at the US-Mexico border.


Imperialism maintains and perpetuates the global condition where people are forcibly displaced and trafficked – legalized in labor export – for capitalist exploitation and oppression. The migration for development framework and slogan is deceptive and covers up the accountability of government of countries of origin in its failure to address the root causes of forced migration and the institutionalization and systematization of labor exportation while, at the same time, obfuscating the neoliberal and imperialist agenda on migrants and immigrants.

Despite talks about development, reducing poverty and all cosmetics that aim to cover up the prolonged and deepening global crisis, the number of displaced peoples continue to rise.


Underdeveloped and developing countries continue to suffer the brunt of the crisis. Their colonial and neocolonial economic, political and social systems perpetuate grinding poverty, unemployment and underemployment, and greatly diminished public services that force people to go overseas exposing themselves to vulnerabilities from the pre-migration process to their working and living overseas. The discontent and resistance that such crisis generates are severely repressed with communities forcibly displaced by militarism that add further to the swelling of displaced peoples.


This condition is leveraged by governments of countries of origin of migrants and immigrants to ensure that the migration of its people generate resources and prop up its always sagging dollar reserves through government charges, supporting businesses relating to migration especially recruitment agencies, and cornering of remittances that is now packaged as making migration work for development.


These governments pay lipservice to combatting irregular migration and trafficking while conveniently disregarding the fact that state-sponsored and run labor export program is the biggest, most systematic and most sophisticated trafficking model legalized by state policies. The unchanging and worsening condition in the home countries that does not encourage sustainable return, coupled by the lack of protection against practices and policies that violate their rights overseas, force many to become undocumented and be vulnerable to even more exploitation.


Imperialist states, meanwhile, benefit from the continuous supply of cheap and skilled migrant labor that businesses maximize for profit-making either through the exploitation of their labor or by exploiting them to keep the wage of all workers nailed to the floor that fans anti-migrant and anti-immigrant sentiments that serve their purpose to sow disunity among the working people.

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