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Migrants Demands to APEC & President Biden

Migrants refuse to shoulder the economic crisis brought on by imperialism and its neoliberal schemes so we call on migrants to take action, Migrants, PUEDE!


We are Migrants, People United to End Displacement and Economic Crisis!

Migrants Demands

Demand 1

Freedom to unionize and organize for migrant workers.


End right-to-work laws. Workers should not be persecuted for exercising their right to organize in the workplaces, and unions must serve the genuine interests of migrant workers!


Justice for Jollibee workers! Hold Jollibee accountable for labor law violations!

Demand 2 

Dignified salaries for migrants regardless of immigration status!


We demand livable wages for migrant workers! Current wages don't cover the rising costs due to inflation and corporate price-gouging. Migrants are not just supporting their families here but at home.



Prioritize People’s Rights to Health Over Profit: paid sick leave, health benefits, safe working conditions, and mental health services for migrant workers!

Demand 3 

End wage theft and labor trafficking!


End the Labor Export Policy 


End public private partnerships that systematize migrant labor for export, especially outsourcing to labor agencies, our home and host state agencies must be responsible and accountable to their overseas workers!

Demand 4

End U.S. intervention and corporate plunder in our homelands!

End U.S. military aid to the repressive regimes in El Salvador, the Philippines, and the Zionist state of Israel - and everywhere militarization is used to forcibly displace our families from our homelands!

Demand 5

Comprehensive migration reform including an end to deportations and the persecution of migrants!

End Biden’s Asylum Ban! Justice for Juarez 39!

End the state neglect of migrants

  • Provide safe housing, protective gear, and medical attention to incarcerated migrants!

  • Home government to be accountable to supporting their nationals who are detained in the US


Right to education for undocumented youth. Expand rights and resources for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) 


No to expansion of the H2A program - Stop the Farm Workforce Modernization Act! 

Shut Down Detention Centers, Release All People in Immigration Detention, and End Deportations!

Free Ligaya! Justice for Alma Bowman!

Shut Down Adelanto Detention Center! 

Shut Down the Northwest Detention Center!

Demand 6

End the private-public partnerships of the US government with private prisons and detention centers! 

Hold Geo Group accountable for their abuse and neglect of migrants!

This includes their use of a cleaning chemical (pesticide) called HDQ Neutral, contaminated water, and horrible air quality coming from other toxic sites in close proximity to the detention center that is causing acute and chronic health issues to migrants in detention!

End the wage theft of detained migrants in Adelanto Detention Facility who are made to maintain the facilities for $1 a day.

Demand 7

An end to state repression of migrants!

No 2 APEC! No to Free Trade Agreements that prioritize Profit over People! Free trade creates conditions for increased militarization of migrants!

For example: NAFTA: Free trade agreements like NAFTA (1994) claim to reduce migration. In reality, from 1995 to 2006, the number of Mexican migrants in the U.S. quadrupled to 8 million. Immediately following NAFTA, the US-Mexico border became one of the most heavily militarized zones in the world, "to combat illegal immigration.”

End of racism and xenophobia of migrants!

No to anti-Asian violence! Justice for the Roques! Justice for Arriola-Ochengco!

No to the border wall and border militarization!

End to terror-tagging of legitimate resistance and organizing by migrant and refugee communities!

Demand 8

Urgent action to end the fossil-fuel-driven Climate Crisis! Aid and Services for Climate Migrants! 

Climate disasters are now one of the largest drivers of forced migration and will only intensify due to corporate profiteering 

The world’s number one polluter is the U.S. Military and is further driven by monopoly corporations. Global south countries, the least responsible, bear the biggest brunt of the climate crisis. 


Services for migrants internally and externally displaced overseas due to climate disasters

Demand 9

Stop the U.S. warmongering in the Asia Pacific!

End the dangerous provocations which can lead to a proxy-wars and world scale conflict which would intensify mass displacement of people in the most populous region of the world. 


End the expansion of military bases in the Asia Pacific - No to Imperialist-led war!

Demand 10

U.S. Hands Off Palestine! Imperialist war and Genocide worsen the Refugee Crisis!

Immediate removal of the U.S. navy forces off the coast of Palestine! 


End all aid and support to the settler colonial Zionist State!


End the blockade, end the siege, end the genocide, end the occupation


Resistance until return and liberation! 


Assistance and safe repatriation to overseas migrant workers in Palestine!

Sign-On to the Migrants Demands

Join the initiators of the Migrants Demands as we continue to bring these demands, add as more demands as we organize together, and develop a collective campaign together to oppose all institutions repressing migrants!

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