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IMA USA Condemn Moreno’s Repression & Neoliberal Scheme

The United Front of Ecuadorian Immigrants (FUIE USA) condemns and repudiates the brutal repression of Lenin Moreno’s government against our Ecuadorian siblings that have been mobilizing since October 2 rejecting the neoliberal economic measures of the IMF, to reactivate the economy for the benefit of the oligarchy and against the workers and the people, such as raising the price of gasoline, transportation and basic necessary commodities, the shrinking and elimination of workers rights, lowering of salaries, reduction of vacation days and one day off a month for public service employees, massive layoffs, as well as the continuation of the extractivist projects and mining on indigenous territory. They disguise these deductions with an urgent need to cover the fiscal deficit that could have been executed in another way instead of unloading the weight of the crisis on the shoulders of the Ecuadorian population. The corrupt and those responsible for the bankruptcy should pay for the crisis - for example the social sectors have proposed to charge the $4,200 million that the business and transnationals owe, renegotiation of the concessions of mobile phone companies which would recover $4000 million annually, renegotiation of petroleum contracts and external debt, we would save $6000 million, or to recover the $70 million that were plundered from the country and to confiscate the goods of those corrupt who are responsible for the country’s bankruptcy.

The popular mobilization against the economic measures have been characterized by combativity as seen by the dignity and rebellion of our people who are opposing giving themselves over to neoliberalism. The closing of streets and massive mobilizations in various cities are testimonies of this. It was our own government with harsh repressive measures that have led to the rise of popular resistance to reach new levels, the discontent of the people pushed to the surface, the streets have been taken by indigenous people, youth, social sectors, women, merchants, and society as a whole. The declaration of a state of emergency will not stop the struggle. The organized popular movement has taken lead, unity has been forged between popular, indigenous and labor organizations in the fire of struggle, and infiltrators and opportunists from the previous government responsible for the crisis and corruption were unmasked. The struggle is led by the indigenous people, workers, youth, and people of Ecuador to bring down neoliberal scheme, defend democratic rights, and protect the quality of life of the people.

We call on Ecuadorians, progressive and patriotic people in support of democracy committed to bringing liberty, justice and democracy to Ecuador, to continue participating in the gatherings in different cities around the world in solidarity with the struggle and resistance of the workers, teachers, students, social sectors, and principally the indigenous movement that has risen up in this fight against Lenin Moreno and the IMF’s neoliberal scheme that raises gas prices, reduces labor rights, increasing poverty and unemployment for millions of Ecuadorians while reduces taxes for businesses, transnational corporations, and corrupt bankers.

Despite the state of emergency the popular struggle continues to grow, the people confront the military and police and are overtaking the repressive plan of the government - we condemn the state of emergency and the criminalization of social protest and the criminal repression attacking the universities and hospitals which have left up to now 5 dead, 855 injured, and 1,070 detained.

We demand the repeal of decree 883 which raises the price of gasoline y sanction those responsible for the brutal repression against the Ecuadorian people. We call on the international community and the world to express solidarity with the struggle of the Ecuadorian people.


Antonio Arízaga - President of the United Front of Ecuadorian Immigrants - USA / Frente Unido de Inmigrantes Ecuatorianos - EEUU

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