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Migrants Fight Back! We Refuse to Shoulder the Worsening Economic Crisis!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

May 1st, 2023

On International Workers Day 2023, the International Migrants Alliance-USA (IMA-USA) stands with all migrants and workers confronting the imperialist-instigated economic crisis wreaking havoc across the world.

Since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic and the worsening political and economic chaos, transnational corporations under the leadership of the imperialist class have reaped exorbitant profits at the direct expense of the poor in the global south, causing an unprecedented concentration of wealth. Meanwhile, inflation runs rampant and devastates local economies, making it impossible to afford the basic necessities of life, while the rich fight tooth and nail to suppress wages and attack the organized struggle of workers. Imperialist military conflicts, trade wars and sanctions related to the US-China-Russia rivalry have cruelly driven up the cost of food and further worsened the impact of the deepening crisis on the people of the world. All of these factors collide to force the migration of millions of working people from their homelands.

In the US, anti-migrant politics have been wholeheartedly embraced by both imperialist-led parties. Trump’s infamous Title 42 policy, which prevented asylum-seekers from entering the US related to COVID, is set to be replaced by an even more draconian asylum ban policy by Biden this May 11. This exposes Biden and the Democratic Party’s previous opposition to Trump-era immigration policy as a flagrant, opportunistic lie. Biden also continues Trump’s tactics of outsourcing border enforcement to Mexico, which has led to tragedies such as the fire in Juarez which took the lives of 39 migrant workers in a Mexican detention center.

Migrants will not stand by and let their lives be dictated by the US imperialist class in their relentless hunger for profits. IMA-USA stands with the struggles of migrants, from the deadly Ciudad Juarez detention centers, to the fields and factories where migrant children have been pressed to work by the political and economic failure of neoliberalism, to the hospitals and kitchens where migrants and workers alike are fighting for a dignified life and the livelihood to feed their families that they can not achieve in their homelands.

As capitalism crumbles, migrants and workers around the world rise in solidarity and struggle! This year IMA-USA calls on all migrants, workers, and peoples in struggle to join us in the “No to APEC” Coalition mobilizing in Seattle in August and San Francisco in November to confront the trade ministers and heads of state meeting to continue their failed programs of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC, aka “the NAFTA of Asia”). On May Day 2023, we stand firmly with people across the Asia Pacific region and all over the world to oppose APEC’s continued neoliberal attacks on people and the environment, to denounce the U.S. trade war with China embodied in its new “Indo-Pacific Economic Framework,” and to resist the further militarization and U.S. war-mongering in the entire Asia-Pacific region and all over the world.

IMA-USA echoes our ongoing call to “Serve the People! Organize Solidarity from the Border to Our Homelands!” and raises these demands on May Day 2023:

Raise wages and stop inflation! Corporate price gouging hurts all migrants, workers!

Migrants Say Enough! End border militarization! Walls protect profits not people!

End Biden’s Asylum Ban! Justice for Juarez 39!

No Biden, No Marcos, AMLO exploitation, fascist repression of migrants!

Imperialist war causes forced migration! Just Peace for All!

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