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Strengthen our ranks, expand our movement!
Unite with workers and the oppressed and exploited peoples to confront the crisis
and fight imperialism!
Build a new system without forced migration and commodification of migrants!

General Updates

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) will be holding its 5th Global Assembly from November 30 to December 3, 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand. IMA’s 5th Global Assembly shall endeavor to initiate the process of summing up the four years' work of our alliance, develop a global campaign that will highlight the issues and demands of migrants and our families, and assess the political and organizational work of IMA from 2018-2022 and develop plans for the next 3 years.

Background & Basis 

The upcoming general assembly will be a highly significant gathering for the migrant movement as it comes at a critical time in world history.

First, the multiple crises exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and governments’ responses have and continue to severely impact the life of migrants and refugees around the world. In the past two years, many governments have weaponized their pandemic response to attack our rights and welfare. Our basic rights are gradually shrunk and eroded, i.e. our right to mobility, to work, to access health and other public services, to return home, to aid and assistance, to unionization and freedom of expression, and other basic human rights as stipulated in various international conventions, treaties and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Under neoliberal and repressive migration regimes justified by the slogan of ‘migration for development,’ our already undervalued migrant labor power became cheaper, docile and disposable for the super profits of transnational corporations and revenues for states.  


Second, the world is transitioning to a post Covid-19 pandemic period with world leaders already beckoning everyone to ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger.’ The question, however, is whether the recovery programs being implemented by these leaders prioritize the well-being of the marginalized people hardest hit by the pandemic, including migrants and refugees. In previous crises and this pandemic, migrants and refugees are the first to be ‘sacrificed’ through mass lay-offs, erosion of rights and welfare, arrest, deportation and exclusion from social benefits and assistance from governments.  

Third, the general crisis of imperialism which started much earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic is further intensifying, not just because of the economic fallout from the pandemic but also because of intensifying inter-imperialist competition to repartition the world. The imperialist superpowers and their allies are instigating new wars of aggression, most recently in Ukraine, but also fanning the flames in already simmering conflicts such as in the South China Sea, the Taiwan straits, the Korean peninsula, the Horn of Africa, Yemen, the Venezuela-Colombian border, and other regions. Imperialist wars and armed conflict do not only destroy lives in the battle zones but also lead to massive displacement of people who are forced to seek refuge in neighboring regions and beyond. Refugees are among the most marginalized and vulnerable people, commonly denied the most basic human rights and robbed of their dignity. 

Fourth, oppressed and exploited peoples around the world, including migrants and refugees, are responding with growing resistance and forging unity and solidarity with one another. With the support of other working-class organizations and advocates, migrants and refugee organizations are developing better strategies for organizing and mobilizing as well as helping those in need of relief and assistance. They are also active in exposing the anti-people, anti-migrant and anti-refugee policies promoted by governments, corporates and international institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Asian Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and others. 

Program Updates

The general outline of the agenda for the 5th General Assembly has been shared by the IMA Global Secretariat. Please see this document for the agenda outline and below for important key details. In terms of travel: 

  • Participants are recommended to arrive to Bangkok by Tues, Nov 29th and leave Sun, Dec 4th 

The IMA-USA Secretariat may be reaching out to member organizations for participation in panels or workshops. We encourage organizations to bring local campaign materials and cultural sharings during the assembly and the IMA-USA caucus. 

Interested IMA member organizations are welcome to join the 5th GA, there will be an opportunity to officially join the alliance during the assembly and an orientation can be coordinated with your organization before the assembly. 

Registration Updates

The registration fee for international participants will be US $250 per person – covering food (except dinner) and accommodations for the duration of the assembly Nov 28-Dec 4 (check-out Dec 4th), needs and logistics of the assembly, among others.


To register, please complete this form here


IMA-USA has an additional goal to support our grassroots migrant organizers to attend the assembly of at least $6,000. We also know that many members will be fundraising to meet their travel expenses and registration fees.  

Member Dues & Voting Delegates 

The IMA Constitution details the Rights and Duties of Regular Members of IMA including the right to vote and be voted in any position. Associate members are not eligible to vote or be voted but are able to attend, participate in and contribute to the proceedings of IMA but cannot vote nor be voted in any position.

Only member organizations who are up to date on their dues payments will be able to vote, so get your dues paid to ensure one voting delegate for your organization! 

  • Dues: $50/yr = $200 for 4 yrs (since last assembly)

Dues support the operations of IMA globally and IMA-USA (ie. Zoom account, translation and interpretation during national and international meetings and events, travel of grassroots migrants organizers to key events, etc.) We encourage our Associate Members to support the proceedings of IMA, including the 5th GA, with additional financial and other resources available to them and their support of IMA.

Member dues can be paid thru IMA-USA: 

  • via Paypal, 

  • Venmo @IMA-USA 

Or directly to the IMA Global Secretariat via: 

Please, get in touch with the IMA-USA Secretariat, if you have any questions about your organization's dues payments or if you can provide additional financial or other resource support for the IMA 5th GA.

National Info Sessions
  • Scheduled at 6p-7pPT / 9p-10pET on October 6, October 13, October 20, October 27 

  • Register

    • Interpretation available upon request  

IMA-USA Contact info

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by emailing: 


Our US Delegation leads for the assembly are IMA-USA Secretariat members:

  • Terry Valen, Adrianne Sebastian, and Jessica Rojas

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